ECSI Courses and Materials

Covering the spectrum of emergency care and safety, from CPR to First Aid and layperson to
professional, ECSI is your source for gold standard training solutions.

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First Aid

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Online Courses


Student Materials

Manuals, eBooks, and Pocket Guides

Our highly developed, full-color student manuals feature the latest medical content and are filled with tips and tools to engage your students. ECSI’s manuals are also available in electronic (eBook) formats to provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional printed manuals. Finally, our pocket-sized guides are available for first aid and CPR refresher training.

ECSI is pleased to include a digital course completion card with the purchase of each student manual, eBook, pocket guide, or online course access code.


Online Courses

ECSI’s time-saving and affordable online courses can be used as an interactive supplement to reinforce what students have learned in the classroom or as a distance learning platform where students can complete the knowledge-based component of the course online and then complete the hands-on skills evaluations with an instructor. View Online Courses


ECSI’s blended training model is simple and straightforward:

1. Students log in to an ECSI online course, using a unique access code (supplied by instructors or purchased directly by students on our website). *

2. Students complete the online course and, upon completion, print a course completion acknowledgement form that they then bring to an authorized ECSI Skills Testing Center for an on-site skills check.

3. Students demonstrate their ability to perform required skills and receive an ECSI course completion card from the ECSI Skills Testing Center.

*Prior to purchasing an online course, ECSI encourages students to locate an ECSI Skills Testing Center nearby where they can perform an on-site skills check and also to inquire about pricing and availability.

Instructor Materials

Teaching Packages

With our unique Teaching Packages, you have the option to choose your teaching strategy:

  • Lectures for a traditional classroom-based course
  • Scenario-based for a more interactive course
  • Mix and match learning tools and methods to engage and improve retention

Learning follows your lead with flowcharts, skill sheets, checklists, games, skill demonstration videos, course outlines, presentations in PowerPoint format, detailed lessons plans, and much more!


*Most Teaching Packages are available online and can be easily downloaded for seamless offline access making it easy for instructors to share materials within an Education Center.

Nationally recognized digital course completion cards

ECSI provides a digital course completion card with the purchase of one of these four items: student manuals, student eBooks, online course access codes, pocket guides. The digital course completion card can be sent via email to the student who completed the course and/or the student’s employer. It can also be printed out by the instructor and issued to students at the training location.


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