About ECSI

At the Emergency Care & Safety Institute, we believe there’s a better way to
offer CPR and first aid training. We’ve been working closely with emergency
care educators and students for over 15 years and see how hard you work to
ensure our communities are safe.


Our goal
is simple

To give you the tools needed to allow you
to focus on what truly matters: Training
others to save lives.

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We do this by:

  • Offering high-quality materials that meet the latest CPR and ECC guidelines and don’t break the bank.
  • Providing flexible course delivery options to help students learn critical skills.
  • Ensuring course administration is easy and involves zero administration fees.
Across the globe, we help more than 150,000 individuals each year get certified!

So, tell us. How are we doing? Drop us a line and let us know.

Or, even better, do you have a story of an ECSI student saving a life through CPR or first aid?

Submit your story below to receive an ECSI Good Samaritan Certificate of Recognition today.