Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED

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This manual is developed for use within advanced first aid, CPR, and AED training courses offered through the Emergency Care & Safety Institute.

Based on the 2010 International Consensus Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC), Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED, Sixth Edition is ideal for use within college-level courses designed to certify individuals in first aid, CPR, and AED. More than a stand-alone text, this student manual is the center of an integrated teaching and learning system that offers many resources to better support instructors and prepare students. This manual includes:

  • Coverage of the 2010 CPR and ECC Guidelines: Clear, concise direction on how to perform CPR and use an AED during an emergency.
  • Current information on injuries and illnesses: Core information for first aiders presented in a clear and straightforward format.
  • Skill Drills: Offer step-by-step explanations and visual summaries of important skills.
  • Emergency Care Wrap-Up Tables: Provide a concise summary of what signs first aiders should look for and what treatment steps they should take.

This text is packaged with an access code which provides free admission to companion website to complement Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED, Sixth Edition. This code provides access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • Interactive Skill Drills
  • Skill Evaluation Sheets
  • Emergency Care Wrap-Up Tables
  • Assessment in Action Exercises
  • Check Your Knowledge Exercises
  • And More

The access code also provides access to JBTest Prep: First Aid, CPR, and AED Success, a dynamic program designed to help prepare students for course exams. The self-study modules offer case-based questions and detailed rationales to help students hone their knowledge of the subject matter. 

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Length:  36-40 hours

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      The Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED Teaching Package contains the following items:

      • Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED Instructor’s ToolKit CD-ROM: The Instructor’s ToolKit CD-ROM includes PowerPoint presentations, detailed lesson plans, course outlines, and evaluation forms.
      • CPR and AED DVD: This DVD provides detailed CPR and AED skills demonstrations that enhance the classroom learning experience for students and assist them through their own practical examinations.
      • First Aid DVD: Like the CPR and AED DVD, this DVD provides fundamental first aid skills footage to help students master the essentials of providing first aid to those that need it.

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      Show Overview is specifically designed to complement Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED, Sixth Edition. This engaging companion website provides a wealth of resources free and available to all, including:

      • Anatomy Review
      • Crossword Puzzles
      • Flashcards
      • Glossary
      • Ready for Review

      In addition, a portion of the site is available via an access code included with your purchase of the textbook. Your access code provides free admission to additional resources such as:

      • Interactive Skill Drills
      • Skill Evaluation Sheets
      • Emergency Care Wrap-Up
      • Prep Kit
      • Assessment in Action
      • Check Your Knowledge
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      Based on the Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED textbook, First Aid, CPR, and AED Interactive is an excellent resource to use within college-level courses designed to certify individuals in first aid, CPR, and AED. Features and benefits of these online lectures include:

      • In-depth reporting and documentation features to enable instructors to track students’ progress and achievements
      • A tracking tool that holds students accountable for out-of-the classroom learning. Students are unable to “fast-forward” through the online lecture slides.
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