Courses & Materials

Online and in the classroom, ECSI offers hassle-free training solutions for businesses and industries; child and day care centers; colleges and universities; government agencies; hospitals; parks and recreation districts; private training companies; public safety agencies; secondary school systems; and scouting groups around the globe. We provide first aid, CPR, and other emergency care and safety training courses leading to certifications that meet job-related requirements as defined by regulatory authorities throughout the world.

We offer high-quality and low-cost training materials designed to simplify training in the following areas:

  • Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)
  • Automated external defibrillation (AED)
  • Babysitter safety
  • Bloodborne and airborne pathogens
  • CPR (layperson and health care provider levels)
  • Driver safety
  • Emergency medical responder (formerly known as first responder)
  • First aid (standard, advanced, pediatric, wilderness, and other levels)
  • Oxygen administration
  • And more!

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